Commercial Radio Monitoring Co., Inc.

    After 25 years of ownership,  Robert Wolfskill  sold  CRMC to  Leo Andrews (another employee) in 1974. Leo owned CRMC for 12 years before retiring in 1986. In December of 1986, the company was purchased by Laura McVay (Leo's Daughter) and Brian Lincoln. They formed a limited partnership and continued to do business until June of 1987. Brian left the company at that time to pursue other  professional  interests,  and Laura  became the sole proprietor of the company, with most of the day to day decisions being made by her husband, Gene McVay.


All on 1000 Watts. The radio spectrum was certainly clearer back then. (Note: Some of this information was retrieved from a 1938 article about Commercial Radio and KCKN that appeared in the Kansas City newspaper).
      In 1942, Dillard put Kansas City's first commercial Radio FM station on the air. During World War II, CREC produced tens of thousands of crystals for use by the armed forces. Mr. Dillard moved to Washington D.C. in 1949 where he established a consulting engineering service to help people apply for radio and television station permits.
      September 1st. 1949 Mr. Dillard sold the frequency measuring division to Robert F. Wolfskill (then an employee) who changed the company's name to Commercial Radio Monitoring Company. Mr. Wolfskill had worked for the company since 1937. (Mr. Wolfskill passed away March 21st. 1993 at John Knox Village, in Lee's Summit, Mo. at the age of 78).
      CRMC operated out of the Porter Building on 34th and Broadway before moving to 85th and Hillcrest in 1951. From a customer base of 450 accounts in 1949, CRMC grew to serve over 1400 radio and television stations by 1971.
      In April of 1960, Robert Wolfskill moved operations to our present location at 103 S.W. Market Street in Lee's Summit, Missouri. Along with frequency monitoring and mobile calibration, CRMC repaired test equipment.

In the early 60's CRMC expanded mobile operations to include calibration for Bell Telephone.

      On December 22, 1938 Radio Station KCKN started simulcast on W9XA. During this  time W9XA received mail from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, South America, the British Isles, Mexico, Canada, British West Indies, and many other distant places with comments about it's reception in these remote location.

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