In  October  of  1987,  CRMC diversified  and  began fabrication of electronic equipment. CRMC continued manufacturing and fabrication while providing frequency measurement and calibration services until 1996.
      On January 1, 1997 Commercial Radio Monitoring Company was again sold, this time to William and Ronald Thorsen. Gene McVay now owns and runs MMT Technologies in Pleasant Hill Missouri.
      William  began working  for  CRMC in 1970 after completing his electronics education at Central Technical Institute while working for Jordan's TV in Lee's Summit.
      Ronald began working for CRMC in July 1982 after an 11-year employment in the United States Navy. In July of 1984, Ronald left CRMC to complete his Navy career. In April 1994, he retired from military service and again returned to work for Commercial Radio.

      CRMC's mobile operations currently operate 12 trips a year covering the Midwest 20 states. Our clientele include South Western Bell, South Central Bell, Michigan Bell, Ameritech, General Telephone, Indiana Bell, US West, many small independent telephone companies, hundreds of AM, FM and Television Stations, Department of Transportation for the state of Missouri, Public Broadcasting for the state of Iowa, Louisiana and others.

Former Addresses:
7205 Baltimore Ave.
Kansas City, Mo. (Year Book Ad, 1935)

321 East Gregory,
Kansas City, Mo.

7134-36 Main Street
Kansas City, Mo.   Jackson 5302. (May 28th, 1938)

Porter Building
34th and Broadway
Kansas City, Mo.    (Sept. 1st, 1949) Logan 8821

P.O. Box 7037
Kansas City, Mo.  Jackson 5302 (December 31, 1951)

85th and Hillcrest Road
Kansas City, Mo. (Same time as P.O.Box 7037)

Commercial Radio Monitoring Co., Inc.